Wednesday, April 16, 2014

M.I.N.T. 1-Year Anniversary: More Improv Please . . .

Every evening there needs to be a MINT on your pillow, to remind you, there is a refreshing experience awaiting you at Muisc Improv NighT, every Wednesday at Studio BE!

Gosh what a night! I have not been to an improv for a couple months. I almost chose not to go tonight (life is keeping me busy). However, seeing my improv friends posting on FB stirred the energy within me. That simple reaching out filled my need and passion to go to Studio BE and M.I.N.T. Found out tonight too that this Season 4 Week 3 is the 1-year anniversary of M.I.N.T. So how cool is that on photography timing?!

What is the meaning of life? Passion, inner strength, commitment, opening one's self to the world, IMPROV! Okay, there is more. Improv just seems to have a foothold on life that draws you in. A foot stomping, cell phone breaking experience, unless you asked about the meaning of life. (Okay, you had to be there tonight to understand . . . so why were you not there?)

As you look through the photos, you may feel like this is a play, a musical, something serious. Well, yes, an improv is a play, a musical, an unrehearsed and seriously hilarious outtake of life!!! Fake romances, a wit to keep up with, a think on your feet from the gut acting!!! Bravo . . . (you REALLY need to go on a Wednesday night to Studio BE).

I tend to agree with Stephanie. What is an improv without music? The dimension that it adds to the mind, exercises these improvs to a level above improv. Music Improv!

Here are some photos showing the M.I.N.T. improv's passion, along with a party hat here and there, and cupcakes to celebrate the 1-year anniversary.  Oh, and a M.I.N.T. Bear too . . . someone make me one!!!!

Keep you cell phones out of reach when Keenan is your parent, or they will be stomped on for your wrong behavior . . .

So unless your next response is "what is the meaning of life", another cell phone will bight the dust.  (I actually asked that of a professor at Purdue one day, after we came back from break. The teacher went on forever explaining the meaning of life.  The class hated me for that.)

"Fancy a walk around the building ledge? Oh, and did you bring snacks?"

"I did bring something to drop of the building. Let us see what happens . . ."

I have to write, I liked this falling off the building bit in the next photo.

Bazooka Joe anyone?

As they read their comic on the Bazooka Joe wrapper, taking what it says seriously, we get a glimpse of the quality writers of these comics (sitting in the back in the above and below photo). Now, knowing this, would you . . .

Ready for some frog?

Ready for some Kermit frog? Well, these ladies are Ready, if you know what I mean . . .

Now that Kermit hit town, I think Courtney claimed him . . .

Do not know what happened to this photo, however, I am leaving it in.

There is much at M.I.N.T. to be proud of.  I am honored to have the pleasure of photographing it.  It is because of the people, the talent, the energy they give, that we get a shot in the arm to carry us through the week.  All work and no play . . .

M.I.N.T. has a home! Come see them every Wednesday night at:

3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 248-5900


For more happenings around Chicago, check out . . .

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