Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jeff Massey - Unplugged 3

It was a pleasure to go see Jeff Massey play acoustic blues. It was a pleasure to go see Jeff at the Harlem Avenue Lounge. The venue is always welcoming, and the service is great. If you did not know, you will now, every Tuesday night is Blues night there.

This evening I took my bride to go see Jeff. She has known Jeff for over ten years now. Me, just a couple years. The difference . . . none. Jeff is a mellowed dude with great talent, who makes friends with everyone. He really enjoys what he does, and it shows in his play and song.

Here are a few photos from the evening. I did not run them through my compression program, which also places my tag on the photos. I wanted to see if the quality of the photos improved in the blog. This means a very long up load time too. So I do not expect to be doing this again. Please read my copyright. (Links to it at the top and bottom of this page.)

Friends of mine and Jeff Massey.

Here are some vids. I do not claim to be a videographer!!!

Many more vids to follow . . . check back later.

Harlem Avenue Lounge
3701 South Harlem Ave.
Berwyn, IL  60402

Jeff Massey
The Steepwater Band

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