Saturday, October 25, 2014

SSRG vs. Midwest Derby Divas

Roller derby is cool. A lot of control is needed, both physically and mentally. This is exhausting when the bout demands you give 100% each time you are on the floor, and off the floor.

I have noticed these ladies of roller derby bout for the team, and for themselves. They focus on what they need to do, for they know they can only control what is in their grasp. It takes the team, working as a team, to control the game. Yes, sometimes luck, sometimes bad calls, can force your to make different decisions. However, to stay in the game, you need to be both physically and mentally available. All this stress being controlled by each individual and as a team, as best it can.

In the end, these ladies are about the sport. They love it. They love what they can do for others. The local community, a derby friend, and for themselves. This evenings bout (portion of the earnings) went to Reins of Life: Therapeutic Horseback Riding in Michigan City.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy, starting with some pre-bout warm-up. I did not put my tag on the photographs this time. Please adhere to my copyright notice.

Now, realize this was also a Halloween bout. So some extra dressing up was in order. Although, hamming it up was same as usual . . . thanks!!!

Safety first, with a check from the refs . . .

National Anthem . . .

Introductions . . .

Game Start


Second Half

This was some great skating by SSRG to get in front . . .

Keep an eye on the track and you will skate right by . . .

Final Score 

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You can find SSRG here . . .

South Shore Roller Girls (SSRG)
Northwest Indiana

Let us not forget the challengers . . .

Midwest Derby Divas
Sterling, IL

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