Friday, January 16, 2015

Nice JAM'n at Reggies

When I got the announcement from Nomad Planets that they were going to be at Reggies, I cleared my calendar. Then I was notified Robert Rolfe Feddersen was there too. So I darkened it in so it could not be erased. A couple other bands were there to that I had never seen. So that sweetened the pot.

Well, Christi and I arrived early so that we had a parking spot and a table up front. When we got there, Sweet Diezel Jenkins was playing the after work set. Glad I came early. This band was very entertaining. Gave me a rhythm to groove to. That made the pot even sweeter. All was going down nice.

As usual (not always it seems as of late), the photos are "as taken in camera" with no editing. I hope you enjoy!

Gretchen Erickson opened the evening JAM, with her solo acoustic music. I really enjoyed this performance. She was very strong on stage. I need to introduce her to our Roots Music clan, and to the Paul Henry's Art Gallery Thursday night JAM!

Next up was The Benedict DollyRockers from across the water . . . Michigan!

My pals from Nomad Planets were up next. These guys have a dancing groove and rock beat to them. A very emotional sound, which is what I like to dance to. Chris Ussery, who plays keyboards, could not make it tonight because of another engagement.

Lots of photos here.  Nomad Planets give me a lot to photograph.  Or, perhaps it is just me getting in the groove with them.  Yes, that is it, getting in the groove with them . . .

You have to appreciate the energy the Robert Rolfe Feddersen band brings to the stage. A hometown story telling rhythm that you do not get tired of. Tonight's performance was superb. I felt it. I love these people!

This evening was one of the most enjoyable I have had. All of the bands played their part in this enjoyment. I am blessed to has them as friends. I am motivated by them. I hope my photos reciprocate to motivate them!
Thanks to . . .

2105 South State Street
Chicago, IL  60616

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