Saturday, January 17, 2015

Over/Under's 2nd Show

Over/Under has played their second show now, this time at Rascal's in Saint John. "Wow!" comes to mind. They hit is strong with Kelly Skaggs at lead vocal. Talk about a voice. He needs to be on "The Voice"!

Over/Under crew . . .

Kelly Skaggs - Lead Vocal

Pete Calacci - Guitar

Danny Mac - Bass

Truman Flemming - Drums

I have to say, Kelly led the band strong. You can tell he wanted more out of all of them. Even the audience. His command got what he wanted. As the evening went on, the music became more under your skin. You could not help but feel it.

I have heard Led Zeppelin played by many bands. How Over/Under did it I feel was the best. I felt each person in the band was kicking it in their own style (and as a crew), staying true to Zeppelin, yet using that "freedom" that I believe Zeppelin intended for their music.

Here are the photos from the evening. The venue lighting color was ruff to shoot. What you see is what the camera took. No color correction was performed in post. I need to work on color setting before the shoot a bit more.

P.S. I used Christi's photos "as shot", which is not what she does for her own work.  Christi is great at post production with cropping and color. So her photos here do not represent what she does as a whole.

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