Monday, October 5, 2015

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

My bride, who has been here before, decided to take me on our 1-year wedding anniversary to Brown County State Park, in Nashville, Indiana.

The community itself is a wonder, let alone the state park. The town is full of artists. Jewelry, leather goods, handmade pottery, handmade furniture, and art galleries galore! I will estimate a couple hundred shops in all. Don't let the streets fool you either. There are many shops tucked in alleys and other nooks and crannies too. Get out of your car and walk!

The park itself is huge, 170,000 acres of forested land. This park offers mountain biking, horseback riding, canoeing, camping, and has a tennis court and a pool. Not to mention a couple lakes you can fish at. You can stay in-town, or be closer and stay in the cabins with quite a few built for families to enjoy the week.

My bride (Christi) and I arrived in the time of the year that the fall colors had just started. Here are some photos for your to enjoy. I hope they encourage you to take a venture into Nashville Indiana and Brown County State Park. Go to for more information.

We arrived Sunday afternoon, about 3:00 PM. Those were the photos above. The next set of photos are of Monday waking up to a cow pasture. We spent a little more than a half day before we went back home.

We caught the end of the fog on the farm land just outside our door, and realized we needed to get into the park before the sun burned off the fog in the park. As we drove through the park, we came across this array of light poking through the trees, and stopped to take a lot of photographs of it. For those who do not know me, I shoot everything in camera as much as possible. I do very little post production on photos. These photos are actually what we saw. I did not add any filters, and shot all these around f5.6. Shooting in full manual, what varied was the shutter speed.

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