Saturday, October 10, 2015

"Tapped" - A Treasonously Funny Musical

"All's fair in love and government surveillance." - So says Tapped.

This musical is funny. From government, heart throbs, sensual bar pickups, to sitting in an airport with your passport cancelled with unscrupulous diva spies ready to unleash (literally) on you, you may not mind that you are being tapped because you want more of this musical.

There are a lot of characters. Each make their presence in this musical, and each are necessary. It is easy to keep up with. You do get slapped with some "would be cool to take it there", and they already have. Many moments, many "did they just do that"!

Written and with lyrics by Jed Levine, this musical is full of action and passion, and some love thrown in for good measure. Oh, and a whole lot of spy stuff that the NSA is tracking him down on.

Actors starting with character name . . .

Mary - Laureen Siciliano

Steve - Max Hinders

Lisa - Brittny Congleton

Patrick - David Dritsas

Juliana - Jenna Steege

Ensemble: Sarah Barnhardt, Colleen Burgess, Phil DeBoer, Mikey Mulhearn, Beau Nolen, Todd Page, Kristin Schmitz, Heather Scholl, Lou Leonardo

I believe tonight some of the understudies had their turn at the main characters. So with that, check out my photos below.

They are always listening . . . (as my phone rings for the 3rd time [for real - spooky] and nobody at the other end).

When you think you are caught spying on someone, you make up a tale. A surfer tale.

Yes, this was hot, as spies ought to be . . .

So precise and accurate, and right between . . . you felt it.

Molly Todd - Director

Jed Levine - Book & Lyrics

Brad Kemp - Music

Mary Mahoney - Music Director

Erin Elizabeth Smith - Music Director

Zach Stinnett - Technical Director

Holly Gombita - Choreographer

MCL Chicago
3110 N Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

Sept. 19 thru Oct. 24
$20 General / $15 Students and Industry

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