Thursday, December 10, 2015

The One: Semi Final

Everyone likes cake. It is so much sweeter with icing. The icing, well that is what attracts us. The cake itself, that is what you remember.

Next week is "The One", final event. A cover band will take home $10,000! This week was the semi-final. My two top pick, who are the best cover bands in the competition, are still in it. Sad thing is, only one, "The One", will take the title next week.

As I sit back and enjoy the memories of this competition, of these bands who have connected with me, it becomes sad to think only one will be "The One". Obviously there will be one band that will come out as the best in the group of bands. Just that I have seen everyone lay it out, leaving it on the stage. It is a shame that one will be remember by the marketing / advertisement. It makes me wish I could give $10,000 to the one who comes in second, to show them their effort was recognized. (By this I mean out of my top two, because I want one of them to be "The One".)

Then I realized. If someone gave me $10,000 for coming in second, I would have a realization. It was not about the money. It was about the music. The journey of getting to the final. Knowing I, as a band or band member, put some of myself into my fans, and they back into me. There are no regrets. The icing was getting to the final. The cake is knowing what was accomplished, which is much more satisfying and rememberable. So for the two bands I am voting for know this, you both did a superb job. You entertained me. You made me believe in the band. You have your place in music, through me.

With that, here are my photos from the the semi-final.

Voting Time!

During the voting time, I do what I do . . . take photos . . .

The Talley Is In

First one into the finals . . . Lava Rock!

Second into the finals . . . Take Cover!

Third into the finals . . .  The Heart Sutra!

The last cover band to make it into the finals . . . Party Anthem!

Lava Rock, Take Cover, The Heart Sutra, and Party Anthem are in the cover band final to be held December 17th at:

"The One"
115 Bourbon Street
3359 West 115th Street
Merrionette Park, IL 60803

This has been a journey for these cover bands. "The One" that will be chosen for this season will win $10,000!!! Come on out and support these bands as they battle for our hearts, and Vote!

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