Friday, February 12, 2016

LAVA Rock Party

Led Zepplin


Van Halen



'Nuff said about that. They ROCK!!! Today was my birthday, which rocked too because of LAVA Rock. Earlier in the day my son treated me and my bride to the opening of the Vincent van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. Later this evening, I completed my birthday tour with LAVA Rock at 115th Bourbon.

These guys put on a show! They entertain you. They see the audience and explode. Most of all, they have fun. That is what makes it fun for us, the audience.

I first met LAVA Rock at "The One" best cover band competition right here at 115 Bourbon Street. My bride Christi had been following them for years. They made it to the top 4, however, did not come away with 1st place because of . . . well . . . people voting more to keep another band from getting 1st rather than voting for their top 2.

Given that, it is fun hanging around these guys and watching them perform. I have to say that this evening was setting right for photography as well. At least in my opinion. Here are the photos.

Oh, who are these guys?????

Kerry Devine - Vocal / Harmonica / Bagpipes

Gerald Guzman - Guitar / Vocal / Talk Box

Gino Buonamici - Guitar / Vocals

John Sullivan - Bass / Vocals

Robert Behnke - Drums

Yep, if you look close you will see there is a couple feet of air between their feet and the floor. This was far into their show, and they had the energy for this . . .

Book these guys! I do not say that a lot. I enjoy every musician I come across. I see their art. Once and a while I am so "moved" by an experience, that I just have to shout out, "Book These Guys"! (I have an E-mail link for booking them below.)


115 Bourbon Street
3359 West 115th Street
Merrionette Park, IL  60803

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