Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Cryin' Side of Town - Shubas

It is always a treat to listen to David Prusina & the Cryin' Side of Town. I first met David on my first Chicago photography outing to photograph Mr. Lou Shields, at The Horseshoe, March of 2012. David headlined, Jonathan Monti's band was the middle man, and Lou opened for them. It was a real special night, just like this night was.

Back then I remembered walking around The Horseshoe, looking at the shutters, lit glass bottles, and meeting this person in a cap who was the most inviting and friendly person one could meet. It turned out to be David Prusina, the headline act with his acoustic solo. Looking at my photos then, which I thought were pretty cool at the time given the low lighting, and now, I have come a long way in my photography. Listening to David then, and now, he has refined his talent and has put a lot of energy (along with the rest of the band) into his music. And now David is accompanied by that same Johathan Monti who bottles a lot of energy himself. With the smooth Henry Heine on the stand up base, Henry adds the flavor to the songs for this awesome trio tonight.

Thank you again, David, for doing what you do, and to Monti for teaming up with his friend!

Now, this was not the only talent this evening. Though David Prusina and The Cry'n Side of Town is who I came to see, they opened for Dan Hubbard who is a very accomplished musician. An honor for The Cry'n Side to open for Dan. It was an honor to be listen to Dan, and to be there at Shubas for his CD release party!!!

Here are the photos of the evening. Enjoy!

Dan Hubbard

This was my first time at Shubas. Christi and I had dinner there before the show. Good food and a cool venue for live music.

David Prusina & The Cryn' Side of Town

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