Saturday, February 4, 2017

Strong Women Showdown

First bout of the season for the home team . . . it was a thriller! I have to say these ladies are tough. It is one thing to go out and do this for charity. It is another to go out with determination and a will to win. This game is not only physical, it is mental. You have to find your groove and stay in it. You need to take the opportunity when the line opens, you need to close that line when you see them coming. You need to expend all your energy for your team. Endurance can help you win. Practice makes you win.

I am glad roller derby is back for another season. I personally miss the ladies of SSRG. They have shown me so much about character, how to overcome, how to build bridges and not walls. A special thanks to Deanna for allowing me to come photograph four years ago.

This evening the two bouts were:

SSRG Derailers vs. Chicago Outfit Shakedown

SSRG Runaways vs. Chicago Outfit Shade Brigade

Both the Shakedown (99 to 251) and Runaways (226 to 213) were the winners. Congrats!

Here is a boat load of photos. Enjoy!

Game 2

To find out more about SSRG:

South Shore Roller Girls (SSRG)

Also, the Chicago Outfit:

Chicago Outfit

I will take this time to for a special thanks to the SSRG sponsors. They are:

Thank you sponsors!!!

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