Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gilmore Car Museum

My bride and I chose to take another trip to the Gilmore Car Museum. This time, to take a look at what we missed the first time. Beautiful weather, beautiful cars, the best day ever to choose to go.

One year ago during a trip to the Upper Peninsula, starting through Wisconsin and coming back via Michigan, we saw the blip on the radar that we were near an automobile museum. We had some time so we stopped. I am so glad we did. This is a treasure!

This time was no different than last. The museum is very inviting and laid back. Each car is in pristine like new condition, other than the those that have been purposefully left "worn" for the time. Manufactures that I had never heard of can be found here. A truly great eclectic collection of our past.

Here are some photos to enjoy!

The outdoors at the museum are just enough to highlight this beautiful place to walk through. It is like a well kept farm town. With the warmth of this experience, sitting on the benches under the trees, the cool breeze can put you right to sleep.

There is one building just for pedal cars that we passed over last time (because of time).

Remember the 1967 movie "Gnome-Mobile"? This is the only movie set to ever leave Walt Disney Studios.

Here is another barn we passed over last time. Motorcycles!

My bride getting here Fanzi fix! (This is the bike used in the show.)

Gallifrey Wicket Bushby (aka Bubba) waiting on mom . . .

I studied fuel and oil systems while in aviation school. So carburetors are of interest to me . . .

Each year you will find something different. This year the Checker Cab display was at the entrance to the museum. The new truck display was also in the same building.

For whatever reason I have always liked Nomads.

Back to the front of the museum with the Checker cabs.

When on a lengthy trip as this, we sometimes choose not to take the shortest path home. Especially in the evening when there is a lot of traffic on the highway. Doing so, one tends to find some cool stuff . . .

Gilmore Car Museum
6865 W. Hickory Rd.
Hickory Corners, MI 49060
(just NE of Kalamazoo)

My bride, Bubba, and I did not go to every building this time either. So there are many more cars (more than double) to look at than what I have shown in this blog. You can check out my prior blog by clicking here.

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