Sunday, July 3, 2016

Gilmore Car Museum

Wow! What a find! I never knew this gem was there. When I say gem, I mean in all ways possible. The venue (a 90 acre campus) is pristine, complementing the cars that are in the best condition possible, and so many cars at that.

After looking at this blog, you may wonder if I took a photo of everything there. The answer is NO! I captured perhaps 80% of it.

You may also find it hard not to jump to the end of the blog to find out where this place is. It is in Hickory Hills, MI, just NE of Kalamazoo. About a 2-hour drive from my house. Admission is $13.00 (price structure link at end of blog). 

Plan on spending time there and not running through like I did, all excited and wanting to see more. When Christi and I arrived, we had just a couple hours before it closed. Hence our rush and not being able to see everything. They allowed us to bring our small dog Bubba in, as long as he stayed in his stroller (which is did stay) and not touch the ground. (No dogs allowed inside the diner.)

I cannot express enough in words. Look at the photos, then go see for yourself!

Get this, I believe there are three different cars there that supposedly are the only ones left (or perhaps the only one made) in the world. These next five photos are of one of them. A 1937 Railton Rippon Special Limousine. (Note, you are not allowed to touch the cars. A person from the museum with white cotton gloves was present and opened the doors for me to take the inside photos.)

The pull out tray you see here is a map tray, that is back lit. This is 1937 mind you.

Under the driver seat is another pull out tray with spare parts of spark plugs, rotor, light bulbs, and fuses.

I do not remember which plane this is with a Ford engine. Perhaps a Pietenpol.

Gilmore Car Museum
6865 W. Hickory Rd.
Hickory Corners, MI 49060
(just NE of Kalamazoo)

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