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Rock 'N' Rail Fest Car Show 9/1/2017

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I enjoy everything mechanical. That is because I was brought up around experimental aircraft, both building and flying planes. Being more of a home craftsman type of hobby for people (building experimental aircraft), I saw some really good builds, both of the plane and engine installation. Builders are very picky!

I write that because this year's Griffith Firefighter's Association 9th annual hosted car and motorcycle show that was held this Friday, September 1st, was the best show I had seen here at Griffith. I will admit, I had not been to all nine annual events, even though I have lived in Griffith for almost fifteen years. It is just that my mechanical background is in tune, and so were these cars.

Here are some photos of just the car show. My bride Christi and I arrived early in order to photograph cars without too much of a crowd. We were fooled. When we arrived cars and people were lined up to get into the car show. So some of the photos were taken in haste, just to get as clear of a photo (without obstruction) as possible. You will recognize it when you see some of the cars clipped off in the photograph. Better something than nothing, or, have more patience. I do not think the more patience would have worked well at the end. By the time we looped back, mucho people around.

Here are some photos of just the car show (the majority of cars . . . did not photograph all of them). I will have a separate blog for the street fest that took place just after.

I do not care the state of the build, show the car! I have become more of a lover for VW Beatle Classic over the years.

Have I mentioned I love engines, engine houses, detailed installations? I have now . . .

This next photo, my bride and I loved the paint job. The most pristine candy apple red I have ever seen. Note, I did not look around the entire car. This comment is first glance.

Okay, I took a lot of photos of this car. It is not like I have not seen it before. What I enjoy about it is the risk taken to adore the car with other than the classic look.

And the cars just keep on come'n . . .

Yes, take the chance with color and choose one that pleases you and sets of the automobile, as this color blue on a truck . . .

I was given my parents 1967 Mustang fastback in high school, moss green, tan interior. I wrecked it. Needless to say I still have an affinity for '67 Mustang's. (Later owned and rebuilt both a '69 coupe, and a '72 coupe.)

This engine house was a work of art. Having helped to install aircraft engines and accessories in experimental aircraft, with some very picky builders, my calibration for detail allows me to say this car is the best installation I have ever seen. Perfect connections, routing, anchoring, as raw in metal fabrication and routing yet the most simple in looks and cleanliness. Jaw dropping!

And yet another impressive of new and old. The best match of new technology installed in old school with old school intent being maintained. Very nice engine house and installation for a 1957 Chevy.

You can check out the Rock 'N' Rail event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you next year!

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