Saturday, September 2, 2017

Rock 'N' Rail Fest 9/2/2017

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A warmer day today, compared to Thursday and Friday, and as always warm welcoming musicians to entertain us, vendors to feed us, games for the children to socialize, and crafters selling their wares. This day, however, my bride and I did not stay long. We did not come back for Sunday.

My bride Christi and I do photography for ourselves first. When we can help benefit someone, we go the extra mile to do so. We do it mostly for free.  I say mostly for free because we are seldom asked if we want money for what we do, and then there are times people will give us money for "just because". Seldom recognized (the musicians understand and do give us recognition as they share our photographs) we go forth in hope we can make a living at this, while maintaining our joy of photography. An art form to help you see what we see.

First up, well Billy Wayne our weekend emcee was going to open. Instead someone else did and I did not catch their name. My bad. I do remember they were good.

I know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy that introduced me to this next band, "Underground Prophets". Okay, it was not that I know a guy, it is my bride Christi who has introduced me to more bands that I could ever have imagined.

Next up, "Pandora Rocks"! I have to say, this band needs to get better billing. I have always enjoyed their performance. Their performance is uplifting and entertaining. Please go check them out when you get a chance. Rock-On Perry!

My Bride Christi

Next up, and last for my bride and I for the day, "GuitarMan Blues".

You can check out the Rock 'N' Rail event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you next year!

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