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Rock 'N' Rail Fest 9/1/2017

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Can you say crowd? Definitely a difference between when we arrived (photo below) and later in the day (photo above).

It was a tribute band evening to AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd, with an opening of classic rock by "Got Issues" who I enjoyed for the first time seeing them. I am not sure I wanted all three tribute bands in the same evening. One thought it is cool to hear all the great music in one evening. Another thought, it brings too big of a crowd and ability to control, along with everyone showing up (mostly everyone) for one evening as apposed to over the four evenings. Would also keep the people coming each evening. I do understand that keeping a theme each evening has an appealing factor. I just cannot say the outcome worked out well.

A lot of vendors selling food and gifts. For the food it was vendor priced, perhaps a bit more than my pocket book. I still found enough in my budget range to enjoy. Plus, attending the event is free, so that does help.

In the end I think Bonfire (the AC/DC tribute band) and Echoes of Pompeii (the Pink Floyd tribute band) made my evening. I am not taking credit away from Got Issues, for they were very good. Being a Zeppelin fan, I cannot say I cared for Kashmir (the Led Zeppelin tribute band). This is the first time I have been that vocal about a band. I generally stay neutral.

My photography, well let us say I was very disappointed in myself this time. I did not pay attention to my settings throughout the afternoon into the evening, and ended up photographing at too slow of a shutter speed on my good camera with wider angle lens. So as the you scroll through the photos (which there are plenty of) you will see fewer and fewer full band photographs. I had to throw out a lot. My lower end camera that I had the zoom lens on ended up being the only photographs that were really usable. So I apologize to the bands, especially Kashmir where I photographed a lot with the good camera at the wrong settings.

Sit back and take a cruise through the evening. I hope you find at least one photo to like . . .

First up, "Got Issues" band . . .

Next up, "Bonfire" tribute band to AC/DC . . .

Next up, "Led Zeppelin & Kashmir" tribute band to Led Zeppelin . . .

Last up "Echos of Pompei" tribute band to Pink Floyd . . .

You can check out the Rock 'N' Rail event page on Facebook by clicking here. See you next year!

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