Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Origami in the Garden - The Morton Arboretum

Happy anniversary Christi!!!  Love you always . . .

Seems like this week if you were planning travel you needed to travel to where the good weather was. My bride Christi and I had originally wanted to go to Indianapolis to the zoo to photograph for our wedding anniversary, however, the weather was not cooperating. So we chose differently at the last minute and went to The Morton Arboretum. There we found the "Origami in the Garden" event, which goes through Sunday, October 22nd if you are interested. You can find out more by clicking "here". These origami sculptures are made of steel, from various artists.

It was definitely a beautiful and enjoyable day at The Morton Arboretum.  We are very happy to be members.  There is a lot to see and to take in.  Trees, flowers, hummingbirds flying around, and of course all of the events they hold throughout the year.  If you have not been to The Morton Arboretum yet, I suggest you go at least once.  I am sure it will turn into more than once. I have more information on their location etc. at the bottom of this blog post. 

Here are some photographs we took. The first is of their sprinkler system connection. Why? It just interested me. Oh, and you may notice it is pumpkin season too . . .

My bride Christi . . .

In case you were wondering what fill flash can do, take a look at the difference between the next two photographs.

I never did take a good photograph of these two buffalo. The Morton Arboretum's website has a real good photograph for you to look at.

This display was really cool. The black gloss tile at the bottom simulated water, giving the feel of bird migration.

Also at The Morton Arboretum was this years "Scarecrow Trail", created by local scout troops. These scarecrows were very good. You also were able to vote for the best one. There were three at the top of my list that I had to choose one from. Which one? I am not going to influence you. Go see the exhibit and vote!  Exhibit runs until the end of October. (I did not photograph every one of them. There a lot of entries to look at.)

These next two origami sculptures were made independently. I believe without each others knowledge. It was not until they arrived at The Morton Arboretum that they became a joint show / story.

Afterward we drove to Superdawg drive-in on N Milwaukee Ave to check it out. One of those iconic things you need to do or see (or eat) once in your life.

The Morton Arboretum
4100 IL-53
Lisle, IL  60532

(two locations, Chicago and Wheeling)

(I have not shown Wikipedia links before. This time I thought you would find the information interesting.)

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