Friday, November 17, 2017

Zhou B to Wildrose

My bride Christi and I did our 3rd Thursday thing (at least it was a thing . . . age / time / money crept up on us) and went to the Zhou B Art Center to visit our artist friends, to support Gary Price one of our close artist friends, and to just take in Zhou B. It has been a while since I sat back to just take it in.

I would like to take this time too, to thank Robin Rios of 4Art. Though I may not frequent Zhou B as much as I would like, it is always fun to stop by her studio. The first photograph is of some art in her studio.

This next photograph is of our friend Gary Price. His art is the bottom right. You can find his art for sale on Etsy by clicking "here".

After Zhou B., Christi and I headed back toward home to Wildrose Brewing Company, in Griffith, IN. Of course we were also going to listen to the Corey Dennison Band. If you have not had the chance to taste some beer, food, and some blues, then get yourself over to Wildrose when this band is there, or find the band on Facebook and go see them. (Contact information is at the end of this blog.)

Corey has a habit of not sitting still. He is motivated to get the crowd involved and to entertain us with blues music. The next couple photographs are of Corey walking around, singing, and playing his guitar. Sometime all at once, sometimes individually.

I saw this coming about a minute earlier, after Corey walked behind the bar.

*Wack*, yep, this bar be strong enough . . .

Some Gerry Hundt on guitar . . .

There were great bass and drum solo's that I took video of. I will load them a little later. Unfortunately when I switch to video the camera settings change, and if I do not remember that, the photographs are "too slow" when I switch back and I get a lot of blur. Hence whey I do not have a lot of photographs of the other guys. I need to stop taking video with my camera!

Our dog Bubba, always welcoming us home . . .

1029 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL  60609

Wildrose Brewing Company
1104 E Main St.
Griffith, IN 46319

Corey Dennison Band

Corey Dennison - Lead Vocal / Lead Guitar

Gerry Hundt - Guitar

Nik Skilnik - Bass

Joe Baer - Drums

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