Saturday, May 19, 2018

Classic Lou Shields

Getting back to some old time roots music with songwriter Lou Shields tonight. Now that Lou lives in Wisconsin, I need to take advantage when he is in town. Lou first caught my attention in 2011, at Paul Henry's Art Gallery. Here you can find many musicians doing their own thing. Lou stood out because of his music.

As I followed Lou through the area, my understanding and appreciation of roots music grew. There is a definite get together vibe about it. Sort of a unique family vibe with each band and musician. Lou's comes from the '20s. His family roots and story telling wet an apatite I think to find out more. So he soul search traveling the US, finding connections to back in the day that fueled his writing.

Lou is also an artist, a boarder, and most of all a gentlemen. The last is why everyone likes him. That and his connection to this earth is why we listen to him.

Here are some photographs taken at Shubas this evening, starting with one of a few that I made a bit vintage for you. Enjoy!







Also playing this night, Luke Winslow-King . . .




Lou Shields

3159 N Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL  60657

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