Saturday, May 5, 2018

Tails on the Trails 5/5/18

Today was Daddy & Bubba day, and we chose to go the The Morton Arboretum's "Tails on the Trails" day. One of the few days they allow pets on the grounds.

Bubba did not go dog crazy, though the event kept him a bit nervous as you would see from his panting. He didn't want water. He was just excited.

When we took the exit ramp from I-88 to I-53, we basically exited behind the line of cars waiting to get in. The arboretum has the closer parking lot (or main lot) on the East, with overflow parking on the West. The dividing line being I-53. As we crossed the over drive / walk path that crosses under I-53, it was stop and go with a lot of stop. We could here the dogs barking as they walked under I-53. That was Bubba's clue that something interesting was coming.

We finally made it through the car line, and luckily found parking in the East lot. That was fine with me because given my health, I do not enjoy walking far.

Here are a few photographs I took. Now realize, it is not easy holding a camera and controlling a dog on a leash all at the same time. Especially with a lot of dogs around. So there are not a lot of photographs.

I bought some food and water thinking Bubba would like some. It turned out he did not. Bubba parked it on the ground and "dogie" watched as I relaxed.

After the visit where the activities took place, we drove around on the West side and came across this patch of land with a lot of flowers sprinkled in patches in the grass. Bubba was happy to stop and sniff, so we did a brief walk through it.

As you look around, trees everywhere. Of course. I wish this was my yard to go out to in the morning to sip my morning tea while I read a book, or cook outdoor in the evening and drink ice tea as I watch nature be nature.



We drove around some more and came across a creek where I believe fellow photographer Rita may have been. At least it looked familiar from her photographs.

As soon as I stepped out of the car I came across this little guy budding out of the parking lot.


As soon as I left two geese landed and were walking around just above the creek. The setting look picture perfect with the trees in the background and the two water ways under the path, so I was ready to get back out of the car to photograph the scene. Someone beat me to it though, stopping on the roadside (I parked in the lot) to take photographs of them. I waited, and saw the car and photographer were to going to be there a while so I left. It spoils the vibe when you are intruded on like that.

The Morton Arboretum
4100 IL-53
Lisle, Illinois 60532

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