Saturday, September 22, 2018

24th Annual Harvest Pow Wow

The 24th Annual Harvest Pow Wow. I have been away from it for many years. I believe I started at the 8th Annual Harvest Pow Wow which was held in Sauk Village, Illinois. They then moved to Mokena, Illinois. Now in Naperville, Illinois.

A respect for mother earth. A respect for the animal life. A respect for the warriors who gave their life to defend their people. A respect for ourselves and others. Pow Wows are a community event, open to all ages, and a celebration.

Besides the locations I mentioned above, I also have been to a Pow Wow in Belvidere, Illinois. So perhaps 5, maybe 6 in my lifetime not including this one in Naperville.

I do remember the MC at this Pow Wow from years ago. His voice and stand-up Native American comedy style one cannot miss. I did see a couple dancers that I recognized from years past as well. That brought back the good memories. What I did notice this time was more commercialization. I liked it when it was more about mother earth. The four “respects” as it were, as the MC commented on this time.

Here are some photographs for you to enjoy. If you have never been to a Pow Wow, look one up on "Grandfather Google" and go see for yourself.

The following photographs of raptors are were from S.O.A.R.. You can read more about the organization by clicking "here".

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