Friday, September 7, 2018

"Cockeyed" at Towle Theater

I lived a sheltered life when it comes to theater. I did not know anything about the plays or musicals I have seen before I saw them. Cockeyed was another one of those plays. The title does leave you with a question what the play is about. Now that I have seen it, how appropriate and funny it is. I know what you're thinking, just another marketing ploy of Wes’ to get you to go see this.

The English Oxford Living Dictionaries, “Cockeyed”, 1 Crooked or askew; not level, ‘cockeyed camera angles’. 1.2 Absurd; impractical, ‘do you expect us to believe a cockeyed story like that?’. 1.2 Drunk, ‘I got cockeyed’.

Well if you add an “eyeball” in there somewhere you are getting close to the comedy of this play.

Sometimes in life you feel like you are the last kid in gym class to be picked for the team. Everyone looking past you because you are considered insignificant. Even when you are the last one standing, they still seem to start to play without choosing you, as if you were not there. You begin to question your existence, “am I even here; what am I a ghost?” 

I think therefore I am. Cogito, ergo sum – Rene Descartes. Philosophize all you want, this play had me wondering if there was really a ghost here, or a conjecture from someone’s mind. Then as you sit and laugh, your own experiences cause you to think about your own reality, your own knowledge, right down to your own existence. I know what you're thinking, Wes has been reading on the Internet again. Well you would be right in that I needed to know that I exist by doing that action, for without it would mean I do not exist.

Seldom do I want to put the spotlight on any actor. It takes the ensemble to make the play (or musical). If anyone stands out it is because it was the intention of the writer for that character to be dominating. I know what you are thinking, Wes is going to pick someone. Well yes, Khyel I thought did an excellent job portraying his written character. His body language communicated to us his love of phil . . . well I will just leave it at that.

Yes, this play is funny. Yes, it is well written and a cool office romance story, or the Towle Theater would not have selected it for production. Yes, the actors are great. Yes, you need to go see it.


Phil – Khyel Sherman Roberson

Sophia – Kelsey Tuma

Norman – Zach Hebert 

VP Marley – Chris Lysy

Production Staff

Co-Director — Jeff Casey
Co-Director — Suzanne Nyhan 

Lighting Design & Operator — Adrienne Petty
Set/Costume Design — Kevin Bellamy

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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