Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bombers BBQ

(Note: This blog is of their previous location. New location is just West. Address end of blog)

Out with the old and in with the new. Bombers BBQ is moving to another store front (has moved at the time of this posting). Basically right around the corner. The address is near the bottom of this blog.

I have been to a few placed in NW Indiana that serve BBQ. Some specialize in it, other do not however say they have the best. For me, Bombers rates the highest on my list of all of them. Taste, service, cleanliness, and very consistent with their product.

My bride Christi enjoys the their brisket platter with mac & cheese and fries, while I enjoy the full slab of St. Louis ribs (because I want to take some home), with mac & cheese, and slaw or fries.

Here are some photographs of the original store . . .

Tonight (1/21/19) we went to the new location. A lot more room! The food was great as expected. Christi had the brisket patter again, this time with pork & beans along with sweet potato fries with aioli. I switched up and had the shrimp with mac & cheese, and the sweet potato fries with aioli. The food was great, and most surprisingly the sweet potato fries and the aioli were out of this world! The shrimp were all fully shelled with BBQ sauce. It has a little crunchy something on it (it is not breaded shrimp) that helped hold the BBQ taste when you ate it. It was like heaven.

Here are some photographs of the new location. It was too cold for me to stand outside late at night to photograph the outside.

The center benches have removable sections for wheel chair access. Cool idea!

So if you are hanker'n for some BBQ, go check out Bombers BBQ. (Plenty of parking lot North of Ridge off Harrison Ave.)

New Address is:

Bombers BBQ
435 Ridge Road, STE F
Munster, IN  46321

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