Saturday, September 12, 2020

Magic Bus at Buck Lake Ranch 2020

Magic Bus entertains because we entertain them. This Hippie Era band invites us to relive the Woodstock years through the music of the time. We get to dress and play the Hippie for a day, as they do too, and disconnect temporarily from current society hang ups. Yes, some of the music was to protest what was going on then. We of the baby boomer generation understood that was needed to create change.
As each generation looks back, they see a simpler time. We saw a simpler time in our generation of the baby boomers. We discovered ourselves. We put technology to better use. We even chose not to use technology. In the end we learned that it was not us or them, it was all. We all share the same dream in different ways. These different ways splintered us again. Still, this music, the music that Magic Bus plays, brings us together again.
Here are photographs I took today at Buck Lake Ranch where we had our Hippie get together. I have links at the bottom of the blog to Magic Bus, and to the other Magic Bus photographs I have taken. You can click on the photograph to enlarge.

This little dogie was on guard at the entrance temperature screening booth. I had to go back after I went through and say Hi!

As with most dogs I meet, this dogie was all looking at you and wanting a rub, until you aimed the camera for a photo. Then, cold shoulder.

I think I may try camping here next year. Would be cool if Magic Bus played the same stage. Though a bit high of a stage for photography, the surrounding was very inviting and relaxing.

Dogie: "Ah man, dis awways happens because I too cute. Yuk!"

Dogie: "Glad dats over. What's dat over dare . . . looks fun . . ."

Magic Bus!

This dogie, after her humans sat down on the grass, just jumped for joy wanting to play.

A little later . . . out like a light . . .

Joe Cocker's version of "With a Little Help from My Friends." (Next photograph.) There will always be a warm spot in my heart for Joe. He was the epitome of a singer. His voice, his presentation, his emotions, all unique. One cannot do Joe justice by trying to copy him. Though, you can give a little hint of respect for Joe with just a couple small gestures as recognition to this giant, as Mark Harrington does with finesse. Thank you Mark!

Unfortunately I was not able to stay for the last 3 songs. I really wanted to, and to listen to the other bands. My health disposition got the better of me. Still, I really had a lot of fun, as I had the prior 2 times, with Magic Bus.

Magic Bus

Link to Magic Bus at WoodDock 2020

Link to Magic Bus at Hippie Fest 2019

This event was held at Buck Lake Ranch in Angola, Indiana. A perfect place to be, just to be. Thank you for letting is be Hippies there!!!

Buck Lake Ranch

Magic Bus will be at our local Hobart Art Theater November 21st, 7 to 10 PM. Please buy some tickets and go see them!

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