Monday, September 7, 2020

Oak Ridge Prairie

"I Am Here"

The journey of life.

Christi and I enjoy just hanging out with Mother Earth in God's country. Today was another perfect temperature day with blue skies. Oak Ridge Prairie is one location we go to to ground our senses. (My feet are too sensitive to be grounding. I save that for home and wear shoes when on the road.)

I passed along a quote I saw on FB, from Brian Eno, that said, "Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences." I can totally agree with that. I will also state, do not create art as objects of money, rather to share your experiences. Even better, to create a new feeling and experience totally different in someone than yours. I think the above photograph can do just that.

How connected are we as human's to emotion? I believe that positive emotion can help people strive for improvement. You cannot know the good emotion unless you have a bad, or a lesser favorable emotion. I only bring this up because I believe that the majority of our experience in art needs to be uplifting. It helps us to appreciate ourselves because we feel, and to appreciate others because we can imagine how they feel. A win-win.

Have fun looking at my photographs. Not every photo can or will spark a positive enough emotion for you. Some might. That is okay. It meant something to me or I would have not taken it. Different photos will have different emotions and different levels of emotions. The one at the top screams at me, "I Am Here".

"Planet Human"

If you know me, you know I have an aviation background. My dream is to live on or near, or even own land that has an airport. I find the art of flying, in all aspects, fascinating.

In the next few photos this Super Cub will take off from the adjoining Griffith Airport, fly around, and snag a catch line between two yellow flags. The purpose, to raise an advertising flag for tow through the sky. I thought this was cool, though my series and photographs do not paint a good story. I had a long lens on, and had to do what I could.

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