Saturday, December 3, 2022

"A Night At The Crossroads 2" (3 of 4)

"A Night At The Crossroads 2"
Marrakesh Express  a CSNY Experience

First off is a big thanks to X-Rock 103.9 FM and Scott Rosenberg for supporting rock and giving a voice to our local talent here in NW Indiana!

Marrakesh Express is the best cover band that I have seen from across the country. They present themselves individually while staying as true to the original music as humanly possible. The band members play in other bands when not in Marrakesh, and they stay in their commitment to the people to provide us with the best experience.

Some history of the band, as best as I can write it. Conversations took place at Mike's wedding reception some 12 years or so ago. Mike and others talked about the possibility of the 3 band leads getting together along with the bands to create some music. The leads and bands were onboard. They rehearsed to get together about 90 minutes of music over a 4 to 5 month period. It was a little more complex than they had anticipated, however Rick was able to break down the vocals into parts and instructed what to sing. They played at what was to be a one-off show at BG Gators. After the hard work they put into it and how the band sounded, they decided to do more shows. They were listened to, seen, booked, wrote original songs, and traveled for about the next 8 years until they burned themselves out. They took a long time off until they found Greg, Pete, and Joe (the Kidd), and are the Marrakesh Express  a CSNY Experience as we know them today.

Tonight was no exception to their talent. They put on a show that blew us away. Vocals, harmonies, beat, keyboard and guitar string wear all took place on the floor where it was left.

Avenue 912 offered a large venue to host this show that was superb. The sound and lighting crew from Sounds Cool Audio LLC, as in every show they work, was outstanding. This is blog entry 3 of 4. Blog entry 1 of 4 can be seen by clicking here. I strongly suggest you start there and work your way up. Blog entry 2 of 4 can be seen by clicking here. Blog 4 of 4 click here. Enjoy the photos!

Two early day Marrakesh original songs . . .

"Steady On"

"Machiavellian Love"

Early day concerts . . .

Today's Marrakesh Express  a CSNY Expreience . . .

The actual show today is much more powerful of an experience than the video can show. It is moving, uplifting, you will dance and whale to the vibe. THIS is what memories are meant for.

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