Wednesday, December 14, 2022

"Artist Originals" Session 2

"Artist Originals"
Session 2

James Gedda

A bit out of context to "Artist Originals", however, relevant to music. I am listening to "The Day After Woodstock" Dick Cavett Show 19th of August 1969 while putting this blog together. It seems that we are all fighting something. Music seems to define this, to give it some synergy toward for or against. Music gives us a chance to reflect, realize, and hopefully do something for change whether it be more towards the good, or at least away from evil.

Music is written from reality, whether it be experience, thoughts, emotions. How we relate to it is always up to us. It is storytelling, passing onto generations what was felt at the time.

The "Artist Originals" sessions at Austin Community Tavern are bringing to us local musicians to play their original written music. Actually bringing us back to music roots, with current musicians and lyrics.

James has a deep rich voice that brings such clarity to his song. Felt on the context of country, James put forward his passion for his music this evening.

Everyone is unique, as is James Gedda.

Enjoy the photos!

James Charles Gedda

Austin Community Tavern
81 East 34th St.
(on Steger Road, 1 mile West of I-394)
Steger, IL

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