Saturday, February 4, 2012

Loyal Plastic Robots - Classic Rock'n Roll

First of all I would like to thank my photographer pal Renee for hooking me up with the band. Without her, I wouldn't have had this great time.

Obvious to me, perhaps not you the reader, is that I reflect on my own experiences when writing. One experience I had just last Thursday was interviewing an acoustical artist for my next blog. One internal drive for this person, which applies to this blog on "The Robots", was to create his own music. His belief is that if he could not do the original artist justice, then he would prefer not doing the cover. This now brings us back to this story, and what a story it is . . .

This band, the Loyal Plastic Robots, or "The Robots" for short, is made of individual artists that when combined, become one gigantic piece of art. An art that for me surpasses what you would ever expect from some of the "big name bands". This group of individuals has found a way to surpass just the written song, and to make it their own. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but I was blown away. This same concept is what I struggle with day-to-day with my photography; however for me it is moving from an infancy, whereas "The Robotics" it is mastered, skilled, art like. They are not your street corner band . . . they are more.

As always, I am showing you photos as I see, hear, vibe, from the band. I hope this speaks with a clear voice. Do realize, I prefer to shoot without a flash. All of these photos are without flash. As I learn my camera, I will be able to improve my art to what I "see", which is an unspoken "voice" in front of me.  "The Robots" have given me some inspiration to do that.

Before I introduce the band, let's start you off with some photos (okay, I guess I will put some names here too) . . .






"The Robots" . . .

Bob Sherman, Lead Vocal, Guitar, Bass Guitar
Pete Calacci, Lead Guitar, Vocal
Chris Wander, Keyboards, Vocal 
Ed Fell, Drummer, Vocal
Danny Mac, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocal

So, let's JAM through some more photos . . . I hope you enjoy!  (Please click on the photos to enlarge.)

When you speak from the heart you can't go wrong.  People believe in you, and perpetually you believe in yourself.  There is no doubt, just trust . . . the basis for existence.  I believe each of these artists speak from their individual artistic heart, which coincides with the band as complete art.  If you want to see inside these guys, the artists, to understand their drive, their passion for what they do, check these photos out . . . (crossing my fingers my photos do them justice).

I would have to say Chris has a big heart after watching him perform.  This photo shows some of the inside, and helps define the insanity of artistic talent he gives us on the keyboards . . . like shown in the other photos.

And, "The Robots" use this opportunity for friends who show up.  This next photo is of Roy Waters playing the bass, giving us "On The Road Again" and "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone", and was it great!  Accompanying was Josh Yoshi Nesius on harmonica.

Dean Groom got up to play bass and sang "You Gotta Serve Somebody" by Bob Dylan.

Joe Goodrich stepped up on the guitar to play "Gloria".

The next friend performance was by Marty Cohen, who sang "Mary Had A Little Lamb" by Stevie Ray Vaughan . . . and ironically I know Marty.  I didn't know he was there because I was focused on taking photos.

"The Robots" were every bit as good musically as the labels I have seen in concert.  The only difference to me was the venue, and this is not at all to take away from The Track Lounge, who are excellent hosts and a great place to go to see this band.  And, Richard and Caroline Siegel own The Track Lounge . . . here is Richard taking the com . . .

I am still working on connecting my photography with the voice I see.  This blog's written voice is what was artistically orchestrated in front of me last night.  If this time I have failed to connect it to the photography voice, give me some more time . . . it will happen . . .

So tell me, was this blog true or fiction? I guess you will have to find out for yourself!

Here's the list of music that night . . . boy do these hit home with me . . .

Set 1
Here Comes the Sun-Beatles
Melissa - Allman Brothers
Handle Me With Care - Traveling Wilburys
The Wait - The Band
Tore Down - Eric Clapton
Don't Do Me Like That - Tom Petty
I'm Yours - Jason Mraz
Ape Man - The Kinks
Unchained My Heart - Joe Cocker
Low Spark of High Heeled Boys - Traffic
Badge - Eric Clapton

Set 2
Baba O'Riley - The Who
Evil Ways - Santana
Oye Como Va - Santana
Pretzel Logic - Steely Dan
Reconsider Baby - Lowell Fulson
The Letter - Joe Cocker
The Way - Fastball
Bodhisattva - Steely Dan
Aqualung - Jethro Tull

After their friends came up to jam . . .

Carry That Weight/Golden Sumbers/The End -Beatles
Band On The Run - The Wings
Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
Twist and Shout - The Beatles

Currently "The Robots" will be appearing at The Track Lounge the first Friday of every month. Here's the info:

The Track Lounge
318 N. Jackson St.
Crown Point, IN 46307
(219) 663-9838

For more information on "The Robots" . . .

Loyal Plastic Robots
or "The Robots"
Pete Calacci (219) 616-1470
Bob Sherman (219) 805-7140


Danny said...

Hey, Wes!

Thanks again for the great pictures and the kind words! We're glad you enjoyed your evening with us, and hope to see you soon!

Danny Mac

Wesley Bushby said...

You're welcome Danny. Hope to see you guys tonight at Bottoms Up.

Wesley Bushby said...
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Danny said...


Thanks for coming out to the track last night. It was great to have you there again. Hope the pictures turn out as you wish! See you soon!


Wesley Bushby said...

Thanks Danny. I did get what I wanted to improve on, and still hoped for some better of what was new. Right now my internet is down so I cannot post the blog. I'm doing this response linked through my son's phone . . . :)

Pete Calacci said...

Hey Wes, it was great to see you out there Friday. Hope to see you soon.


Wesley Bushby said...

Thanks. I had a lot of fun. I'm hoping to spread the word . . .