Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sordid Lives - Beatnicks on Conkey, Hammond IN

This was my second week attending a production at Beatniks on Conkey.  And once again, a sold out house.  As last time, I only took photos prior to and after the play using no flash.  I hope there is enough photo for you to enjoy!

The play, "Sorted Lives" by Del Shores, was directed by C. Dale Kelley.  I have to say, the small venue, a lot of props, and a large cast, played out very well.  As advertised,  Sorted Lives is a black comedy about white trash!  It is very comical, adult, and I felt every character in the play had a part drawing you in.

My son and I arrived about 30 minutes early.  Some of the audience was already there when we arrived.

The set was cool. Though you don't see it, unless you went to the play, the set multi-function and was rearranged every chapter. It was cool to watch everything transform in front of you like that. And I mean in front of you, because of the small venue. Very cool!

As said, it was a full house opening night.  It excited the audience as much as it did the actors.

Everyone did well. I walked away with several fun feelings from this production. First, though they prepared you in writing, verbally, and you saw it waiving around and were in anticipation, the gun with blanks that was shot still scared the daylights out of you. After the first, the rest came easy.

I greatly enjoyed the contrast spotlighting the character Bitsy Mae Harling, played by Pattie Shaffner, at the beginning of each chapter. And the character Ty Williamson, played by Niko Elliott, who to me was the most powerful given the directing, acting, and lighting. And I cannot forget the character Sissy Hickey played by Andrianne Bacavis. That was so powerful I do not want to smoke a cigarette ever! (Dang, keep those rubber bands away from me! You need to go see the play . . .)

I liked the entire play. My hat is off to all who took part in its presentation! The next two photos are of the cast at the end of the play.

The cast of characters . . .

Pattie Shaffner who played Bitsy Mae Harling

Nikko Elliott who played Ty Williamson

Adrianne Bacavis who played Sissy Hickey

Kim Bernstein who played Noleta Nethercott

Bonnie Johnson who played Latrelle Williamson

Andrea Creasbaum who played LaVonda Dupree

Don Taylor who played G.W. Nethercott

Rip Johnson who played Wardell "Bubba" Owens

Tim Murray who played Odell Owens

Bridget Barnett Choe who played Dr. Eve Bolinger

Jon Fetsch who played Earl "Brother Boy" Ingram

Wayne Puchkors who played Reverend Barnes

Beatniks on Conkey
418 Conkey Street
Hammond, IN 46324
(219) 852-0848

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DramedyChick said...

Thanks! We appreciate your support.


Wesley Bushby said...

You are welcome. I hope this blog will interest others to check out Beatniks and the actors.

jazzdakini said...

Thanks for the great review! Would you mind if I shared this on Facebook? So glad you enjoyed the show!

Wesley Bushby said...

Share away, that is the plan . . . :) Feel free to download any of the photos, and if you can give me credit should you republish.