Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lou Shields at The Horseshoe - Chicago

The Horseshoe is a small community bar in Chicago.  Lou Shields was opening there, so I went for a quick hop into Chicago to listen to him.  Well, so so quick, meaning I did run into some unexpected traffic, so I didn't get to see the beginning of the opening.

This evening the lineup, starting with top bill . . .

David Prusina

Jonathan Monti

Lou Shields

The lighting was very difficult to shoot in, given my no use of flash.  Once again I have realized I need to know my camera better, because I can adjust out some of the imbalance at the camera.

This is also the first time I have listened to Lou all amped up.  The sound is still Lou, but on steroids.  Pretty cool change if I do say.

Now, photos in the reverse billing order . . .

Lou Shields

The set ran for about an hour.  Between performers I took a look around and found an interesting light display of bottles in the back.

Jonathan Monti and Band

Between acts I shot some more photos inside The Horseshoe . . .

The last artist of the night . . .

David Prusina 

Now, I must say, David has a great vocal for this type of music.  I found myself not shooting photos just to listen to him.

In all it was a relaxing evening going out to listen to Lou, and the other artists.  Would I do it again . . . yes . . . and they serve food!

The Horseshoe
4115 N Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL

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