Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blues - Reggies Music Joint

Blues, Country Blues, Delta Blues, Chicago Blues . . . it was all out there . . . and I got to sit, watch, listen, and photograph it all . . . using no flash . . .

The line up at Reggie's Music Joint on Monday night was . . .

Reverend John Wilkens

Lou Shields

Keith Scott


The entire show of artists was a great pleasure to listen to.  Of course, Reverend John Wilkins took us home with great talent, voice, skill, professionalism, you name it, that an artist can give an audience.  Thank you Lou for posting this with the drive that you did, because that is what got me there to enjoy a spectacular night.  And thank you Lou, Keith, and Jimbo for great performances!  I want more!

Now, do realize it takes a while to know, understand, capture what you see in an artist you had never met. The first two gentlemen I had never met, and this was my first time at Reggie's. So, I will apologize now to Keith and Jimbo for not getting better photos of them, at least to my liking. There will, be a next time.

Tonight all of the artists were exceptional.  Remember, you can click on the photo to enlarge and index through.  Opening the evening . . .


Keith Scott

Lou Shields

I have known Lou for about 6 months now.  What radiates is his passion for his art, which comes in all forms . . . guitar, drawing, and skate boarding.

Some of the crowd at Reggie's . . .

More Lou Shields . . .

Reverend John Wilkins

The band for Reverend John Wilkins warmed up a little before bringing him out.  This was a very cool way to get us into the music, and to introduce, who I say is a very talented man, Reverend John Wilkins . . .

Reverend John Wilkins
Vocal / Guitar

Members . . .

Jake Fussell - Guitar

Amos Harvey - Bass Guitar

J. D. Mark - Drums

Now, the man himself . . . Reverend John Wilkins . . .

Now, I have never been to Reggie's before.  I thought it was a great place to hang out.  Easy to get to, even from NW Indiana.  I had to do a double take when I walked up to the place.  I saw people walking what I thought was suppose to be the front window of the place.  It is framed as if a window goes there, with tables and chairs around as if a window was there.  However people were just walking in through the opening and in between the tables.

After I was in and looked back, I then realized . . .

The front glass is a huge glass garage door that opens up.  Very cool.  It was such a nice night out, it made it very easy to stroll outside to feel the calm Chicago vibe, then to walk back in and listen to some excellent blues.

Links to their Internet sites . . . and if you click on the "Location" just below the "Recommend this on Google", you will be taken to a map showing the location of Reggie's.

2105 South State Street
Chicago, IL  60616
(312) 949-0120

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