Friday, March 2, 2012

78th Acoustical Jam - Paul Henry's Art Gallery

This evening I chose to spend a little more time in the gallery, as appose to the back room where they jam.  I need to broaden my photography.  So, fewer photos this time of the musicians, and more on a particularly favorite artist of mine, Sophia Rapata.

However, you can always get more Thursday Night JAM by attending, and by taking a look at the blog history in the right column.

John Stephens (left) and Adrian Remirez (right)

Bob Snare

Lee Watson, Daughter Watson with her many faces (she was a blast), and Bob Snare . . .

Mike Callahan

Doctor Mike has taken this E-bay purchased guitar that was despairingly ill with what appeared to be a hole in it, practiced his artistry of guitar repair on it, jacked it up on electronics in order to play with Lou at other venues, and ended with an inspiring sound . . . Mike, make me one!

I will take a quote from Lauren Dunning, "he crack's me up" . . . introducing a very talented "environmedian", James Wesley Jackson . . .

As I walked around, I caught a few musicians practicing for us.  This next photo is of Rich Hall, Don Taylor, and Christine Murphy practicing some Davy Jones . . .

Some photos of the guests made up of other artists, musicians, photographers, and people just wanting to listen to some fun . . .

fans favorite Lou Shields

K. Douglas on Jazz Guitar

More Audience

Rich Hall, Don Taylor, and Christine Murphy

Rich Hall, Rich Alvarez, and Thomas Matecki

Then, all of a sudden, I see people looking at me . . . lol . . .

Then I see shoes . . . and don't make more of than it is, just shoes . . .

Then, and only then, am I saved by a bright light of talent, Sophia Rapata . . . :)

Some gallery groupies . . .

More Sophia . . .

Sophia Rapata is a very interesting lady.  I see a lot of talent in her.  Her art is fearless, yet she can still test the waters.  She sees and creates.  A very joyful person to be around.  Thank you Sophia, for being Sophia!!!!

I am going to leave it here.  There was a lot more going on that I photographed, such as this last couple of photos.  If you want to enjoy the fun, come join in on the fun . . .

Paul Henry's Art Gallery has a promotional video out created by Mellisa Welch and David J. Mueller. Check it out!

 Paul Henry's Art Gallery Jam Night Promo vid 

Also, check out their home page:

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