Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buck Daddy at Buddy and Pals Place - Crown Point

Friday night I met Randy Anderson at the Track Lounge, during The Robots gig.  Randy and Pete Calacci (lead guitar of The Robots) know each other, so Randy was invited up as a guest lead vocal / guitar.  Randy saw me with my camera shooting the band, and invited me to his gig Saturday night at Buddy & Pal's in Crown Point, to see his band Buck Daddy, where Randy graciously gave Pete a turn at the wheel with Buck Daddy.

Let me first introduce you to Buck Daddy . . .

Randy Anderson - Lead Vocal / Guitar

Jim Bonick - Lead Guitar / Vocals

Tim Dailey - Base / Vocals

John Bonick - B3 / Vocals

Truman Fleming - Drums / Vocals

Have fun looking at the photos, because I had fun taking them.  For you new comers to my blog, you can click on the photo to enlarge it, and if you click on that enlarged photo you will index through.

Yes, I am a hippie, psychedelic . . . man, however it was the lighting doing the color changes (not me and the camera) which turned out pretty cool . . .

Guest Singer (Randy, can you help me out with her name)

Pete Calacci - Guest / Lead Guitar

Thank you Randy for inviting me . . . it was a blast.  It was very nice to see a crowd on the dance floor for the music, having fun, everyone in good spirits.  Buck Daddy is who provides that energy to the crowd! Invite me back please!!!!!

You can catch Buck Daddy on Facebook, Myspace, and Reverbnation.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing. Great photos!

Wesley Bushby said...

Was happy to be able to photograph you guys. Invite me back!