Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yoga In The Park - with Sandra Tomera

ANNOUNCEMENT:  The 2014 Yoga In The Park will start June 14th, 2014, 9-10:00 AM (Saturday Only), near shelter 1!!!!!

Pretty cool.  I am glad I came.  Not to do Yoga, but to take photos, feel the vibe, enjoy being around artists and people who enjoy life.  I felt I was interrupting, because my camera shutter is a bit noisy.  If I do this again, I will try and wrap my camera to keep it a bit more silent.

From my understanding, Yoga In The Park is in its third week for this year, and has been going on for many years.  I forgot exactly how many Sandra told me.  I do not think this surprises her being everything she asks me I do not remember the name or place.  However I knew where I was this morning!!!!

I was really impressed with the number of people that came.  Approximately 40.  And all talented, relaxed, and happy.  Here are some photos, starting with Sandra . . .

Native American flute player John, and artist Brabant.

And everyone arriving and getting settled in . . .

Another artist, Paul, actually doing art today.

And we are off . . . well, not so fast. This is not a race, but rather a connection to calm, inner peace, and in my opinion turning yourself into a piece of art. Each of us are unique, which makes us who we are.  So, there are individual artists connecting with each other.  This sort of flashed me back to my quote, "carpe diem, contribute to the play of life".

Needless to say, the Native American flute is probably the most serene instruments one can have to help inspire you during Yoga. I would like to challenge our other musician friends out there to develop a similar tone in music with their instruments, and come out and help relax everyone during this one hour class. Now, get Sandra's permission first. I do not want her coming after me to do Yoga should she not agree.  Not that I would argue . . . it is the principle of it all :)

Musician Don Taylor . . .

And, some photos of some of my friends . . .

Did you take note the photos of Paul? If not, go back and take a look at the progression of his painting throughout the hour. Though I was not consistent when I took the photograph, it is still cool to see the work come alive.

This month I was given recognition for a photo I took, titled "Million Mile Man". I have now challenged Paul to be the "One Hour Man" to paint and complete a piece of art in the time it takes for this Yoga class. I think he is ready . . . and my camera is ready!

Thank you Sandra for an enjoyable morning . . . I'll Be Back . . .

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