Thursday, November 21, 2013

Paul Henry's 168th Acoustic JAM

Do you want to treat yourself to some enjoyment? Well, I have the place for you . . . Paul Henry's Art Gallery and their Thursday Night JAM. Though note, because of Thanksgiving week, it will be a Wednesday night JAM for that week.

Lots of artists from our region visit Paul Henry's to exhibit their work, and to show up specifically on Thursday nights for the open mic acoustic JAM. Nothing electric, except the lights, coffee pot, and for this time of the season the heater!!!! Acoustic at it's best.

SHOP LOCAL!!!!! Because Paul Henry's attracts local artists from the region, you can do your holiday shopping at Paul Henry's and support our local artists. Remember, this applies to all year long as well.

Paul Henry's is a treat because of the local talent. It is a treat on Thursday nights because you never know who is coming, or what pot luck food is being brought in. There is a $5 cover charge if you want to come in and enjoy the artists (musicians, poets, and more), the coffee, and the pot luck table. If you want to perform, or bring a pot luck dish, it is $3. You get to meet the local artists, talk to them, buy their art, and if you so desire you can commission work with them. The music and poetry varies from the first timers to people who have been doing this for years. Do not be surprised when someone goes up front to perform, and you see others just walking up to join the JAM. This is purely an inspirational, motivational, uplifting experience.

Here are some photos of the 168th JAM for you to enjoy . . .

Lou Shields has become the Stewart of this historic guitar. It was given to him by Jim Quattrocki. The guitar is called "The Mole" and was made and played by John Henry, "The Mayor of Maxwell Street". Lou is the appropriate person to become the Stewart, because of his passion for our past and to share it with us today.

I arrived late, and left early. So what is see is a slice of the event. A slice of good hearted souls enjoying life, enjoying the arts. You need to go at least once in your life . . .

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley Blvd.
Hammond, IN
Tue - Fri 10:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Sat 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Sunday Noon till 5:00 PM
Thursday Night Jam Starts 7:00 PM

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Mary said...

love the performers and artists - always a treat to be there