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Chicago Tardis 2013

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Oh my . . . this is the biggest crowd ever. Perhaps double last year in attendance.  No wonder. This is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who!!!!!

For the 50th anniversary, Chicago Tardis brought us three Doctors, yes count them, 5 / 6 / and 8 (that's three right?), to help stir our passion for Doctor Who and the celebration. There were companions everywhere too!!!!

Here are a BUNCH of photos for you to enjoy.  Please read my copyright.  It is pretty simple: If you are in the photo it is yours to do with what you want.  Should you not be in a photo and still want it for your collection you can download, however, please give me credit should you use it anywhere.  I do not grant permission for sale.  If in doubt, all you have to do is ask.

(If you have not seen my Chicago Tardis 2012, you can click here.)

Some special links that I think you should have . . .

Thursday Evening 11/28

This next photo is of Actress Sarah Sutton who played the role of "Nyssa of Traken".  My son and I chose to have brunch with both Sarah and Daphne Ashbrook.  I talked about my blog at brunch and said that in less than 2 years I had approximately 190 entries.  Ooops, I see I have over 250.  I am a busy boy (and work full time as an engineer too).

The next 3 photos are of actress Nina Toussaint-White who played as "Mel" in the Doctor Who episode "Who Killed Hitler". One of my favorite Doctor Who episodes!!!!

The next photo is Actor Collin Baker who played the 6th Doctor . . . Doctor Who?

The next couple photos are of Actor Paul McGann who played the 8th Doctor . . . Doctor Who?

The next photo is Actress Amy Pemberton (center) who plays "Private Sally Morgan" in the Big Finish audios.

The next photo is of Actor Dan Starkey who plays "Strax" of the Sontarans . . . Doctor Who?

The next photo is of Big Finish producer / director Jason Haigh-Ellery. Jason is always fun to be around . . .

Day 2 Friday 11/29

The next photo is of Writer Tony Lee. I met Tony a few years ago at his first Chicago Tardis convention. (I think I may have been the first ever to have a photo of him for him to sign, his first visit.  He was surprised to say the least.)  He has returned each year, and is a real joy to be with . . .

Actress Nicola Bryant who plays the role of Peri, is holding a mask she signed for me. I commissioned this mask from my good friend Robin Rios of 4ART Inc, from the Doctor Who episode "The Caves of Androzni". Photo bombing is Actor Frazer Hines who plays the role of "Jamie McCrimmon" in many other Doctor Who episodes.

Day 3 Saturday 11/30

The Masquerade show with WhoProv at intermission . . .

Now my Who Prov friends. I met this improv group the middle of this year. I got wind of their Who Prov through my other Chicago FB Whovians. I had been photographing theater for about a year (musicals and plays). I thought it would be great to try improv. So I contacted them, and they said yes! You can find my blogs by strolling through the filmstrip on Plays/Musicals/Improvs at

I had brought friends, and my son Nick, to see Who Prov. One evening we said, hey, this would be great as a filler for the Chicago Tardis Masquerade judging. So we connected Chicago Tardis and Who Prov, and woo-la, the improv of improvs . . . Who Prov at Chicago Tardis.

Now back to the masquerade judging results . . .

The following photo is of the Who Prov cast, and Alanna. Allana (the young lady in the Tardis dress) is who provided the improv group with their inspiration for tonight's performance. Thank you Alanna, for this great performance would not have happened without you!!!!!

There are always photo opportunities after the masquerade . . .

 After the masquerade I went to the Cyber Karaoke . . .

These two ladies I saw at last years Chicago Tardis and Cyber Karaoke. This this I asked if they would pose for a photo. Thank you!!!!

Day 4 Sunday 12/1

Collin Collin Collin, with maybe a little Paul. Peter felt left out . . .

Peter getting his fair due in the end, getting in front of Collin . . . lol . . .

Closing Ceremonies

As you can see from the closing ceremonies, not all the guests could stay. Many had flights to catch. Also, as you may have noticed going through my blog post, I do not have photos of all the guests. Typically I do. This year was a bit hectic with all the people and guests. I wanted to see more panels, and to get more paid photographs and autographs. I could have, but I believe at the expense of having fun. So choices were made.

I have been going to our regional Doctor Who conventions since 1989, when Collin Baker first visited at the Harvey Holiday Inn (new name today). It was two miles from my house, and the first ever Doctor that my family has seen. What makes Collin, Collin, has remained through the years. Joyful, appreciative, just a nice guy to be around.

All of the guests were great. They came to help us celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. What they got back were some tears, both ours and their own, and a re-connection to what Doctor Who fandom is really about. You cannot help but think that we would do anything for them, as they would do anything for us. Friendship at its best!!!

Thank you too all the new friends, and friends I have made over the years, for enjoying Doctor Who with me!

I am looking forward to next year. Gene, Jennifer, and all the volunteers made it so because of their commitment to making this year's Chicago Tardis happen.

See you next year!!!!

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