Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I was excited to go to Sedona because this would be another part of the country I have not been to and wanted to photograph it. I had pictured the red hills in my mind, and had a preconception of what to expect based on my other photography jaunts.

I was a bit let down. Both because I was not feeling well and could not take advantage of the hiking, and of Sedona because of all the man made objects that blocked my view for photography. I had expected that I could drive, stop, and photograph, like I have in many other trips. This one however, whenever I stopped the man made stuff was in the way. So it made it a bit more difficult to find a shot.

I also found while driving on the roads in Sedona, that a spotted the "frame" I wanted to photograph. The problem there was, this "frame" meant I had to be in the middle of the road with traffic, so that opportunity was not possible.

I would recommend that if you are healthy to hike the trails, or rent a jeep or buggy and drive into the red hills to enjoy.

Here are the photographs I did take. Mind you, when I photographed Saturday the weather was cold, windy, overcast, and some rain. Not typical for Sedona.

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