Sunday, June 8, 2014

EAA Chapter 260 Pancake Breakfast 2014

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) began in the 50's, and has remained very popular even today. Aviation has been part of me since before I was born. My dad, along with another gentlemen, purchased the rights to the experimental aircraft Midget Mustang in the 50's. My dad later joined EAA and became member #26. Me, I am member 84624 and joined in the early 70's.

Groups of people have joined together to support their passion of aviation, into EAA chapters, across the world. Chapter 260 is located at the Lansing Municipal Airport, Lansing, IL. This day they held their annual pancake breakfast to raise funds to help others enjoy aviation. Here are a couple photos of the morning.

Aviation, experimental aircraft in particular, is where I started my photography.  I took hundreds of photos. I wish I still had all of them.

We celebrate aviation in many ways . . .

And we celebrate the Lansing Airport too. The hanger that you can see somewhat above, was built by Ford. I remember sitting in the office to the left in the photo, while my mom took flying lessons.  This was the only hanger on the field, and I believe it was a sod runway at the time.

Carl Unger's "Breezy". It never failed. As a child, whatever EAA event I went to, I saw Carl giving rides in his plane. I cannot do him justice, writing about him. He passed away last year. You can read more on the EAA Website.

That is all I took. Seems like today I have other passions to follow. As a child, however, this aviation was the best of days.

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