Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hammond Art Walk 2014

The Hammond Art Tour was this Saturday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Originally, I was not to be around.  I had an assignment in Chicago, then later one in Saint Joseph, MI.  The Chicago gig was postponed, so I had the morning to check out the walk.

I did not make it everywhere.  Places I missed:

White Ripple Gallery & Co.
6725 Kennedy Ave.

Mark Anderson Studios
5246 Hohman Ave.

Do take some time to visit all of these venues, any time. The Art Walk opens "all the doors" to the public at the same time.  Northwest Indiana, as I have stated many times before, is dripping in talent, whether it be theater, art, music, and photography. Hammond is becoming a focal point for our talent. Do yourself a favor and go see.

The following are photos I took on "my" walk, starting with the Hammond Public Library, where I surprisingly met my friend Dawn Arnold Daimantopoulos. I write "surprisingly", because the first time we ever met in person was 2 years ago on this same art walk, when she exhibited at Substation No. 9. That was my first stop that year as well. Note too, I have taken some random photos along my travel for this year.

Lastly, PLEASE read my copyright.  A link is at the top of this page, and at the bottom. I have purposefully left off my copyright and name from these photos, so that you can enjoy them.  The copyright is still protected, and most of all, it is protected for the artists who's work I have shown. Please contact me and the artists for permission before taking anything from this blog.

Hammond Public Library
564 State St.

South Shore Arts: Substation No. 9
435 Fayette St.

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.

Hammond Innovation Center
5209 Hohman Ave.

I did not go into the Innovation Center. I did walk by out front on Hohman and photographed chalkings on the side walk.

The Blue Room Cafe
5246 Hohman Ave.

When I arrived I saw John Vezmar behind the counter. I sat on the sofa to relax, and took a couple photos out the window. However, I did not take photos of the art inside . . . the comfortable sofa got to me. 

Flex Studios
5129 Hohman Ave.

This was amazing, watching this wall of art come alive!

A couple photos of the neighborhood . . .

Sidecar Gallery
411 Huehn St.

It's Just Serendipity
5630 Hohman Ave.

Hammond Arts Center
5832 Hohman Ave.

I returned to Flex Studios to get an update. Sunday morning I drove back to see the final product. Note, the sun is really not in the right spot in the morning. Shadows from poles are cast on the wall, and changes the meaning of the mural. I suggest going to see around noon time.

Some of the existing art murals on the walls of Substation No. 9.

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