Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Portland Trip 2014

I had to take a trip to Portland for work. I know . . . awwww. I can hear the tiny violins play now. However, as I got off the plane and went down the cooridoor to get my luggage, I did hear a violin. A huge violin. I think they call it cello. (Okay musicians, I am making fun here. Do not get upset.)

Anyway, this music was superb. I fell in love with it. The music, and play, was from Adam Hurst. From what I can tell, it is all original. This YouTube link will give you a glimpse of what I heard him play. It was clean, fresh, uplifting, calming. As I write this blog with one finger out of commission, I realize I am missing something in life by not having his music in my collection. So that will be my next step.

Here are some photos of Adam. (P.S. No photo editing in this blog entry. All are as shot.)

Sometimes I get that feeling I need to do more photography with certain people. Lou Shields is one of those people. I am still trying to find my voice in photo with Lou. Adam Hurst feels like another. I hope I get the chance to go see and listen to him play again . . . and photograph of course. You can find Adam Hurst on Facebook.

I tried. I really tried, to focus on business while in Portland. That is hard to do. There is lots to see, and I really did not see much. Enjoy the next set of photos . . .

Of course, where you find musicians, you will find me photographing.

Why I went to Portland.

Why I should have stayed in Portland, beside meeting Adam Hurst . . .

Understand what life is. Know that it is limited. Know that all of us have the freedom of choice, to enjoy it or not. Choose wisely!!!

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