Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chicago Women's Funny Festival - 6/8/2014

This evening I made a special trip into Chicago to photograph some special people. The improvs of Dead Broads Yapping, an afterlife talk show.

I have had the pleasure of photographing this team before . . . Joan of Arc, Jackie Kennedy, and Amelia Earheart (my sweetheart, because I use to fly). Also, a guest appearance this evening from Harriet Tubman and Frida Kahlo. Let us not forget our charming producer of the show, Teddy Roosevelt!

Here are photos of the evening, starting with some photos inside Stage 773. Also note, the Dead Broads Yapping sign is actually black and white. Because of the lighting frequency and camera shutter speed, you will see different colors than what was actually seen by the audience.

Teddy Roosevelt opening the show . . .

They dance, they sing, they YAP!!!!

Their first guest, Harriet Tubman . . .

Time to get the train going . . . cannot say these dead broads do not know how to party . . .

There was a lot of muscle flexing going on. I think Teddy was getting turned on . . . :)

Jackie's fashion commentary . . . Oh No and Oh Yes!

The audience participates as well to win prizes. Real prizes!!!

Okay, a lot of photos of Amelia . . . she is my sweetheart . . . her segment, What's Flying off the Shelves.

The dead broads give the dead dude Teddy a spot in the show. Teddy seems to get himself in trouble every time I see him, unbeknownst to himself at times. This time Teddy finds a new shot glass to drink from and begins to pour himself some shots. Jackie has to break the news to him . . . he is drinking from a diva cup!!! After astonishment, Teddy continues to drink from it and later shares with the audience.

Bless Them or Burn Them?

Guest Frida Kahlo . . .

Thank you Dead Broads Yapping!!!

Joan of Arc . . . Courtney Crary
Jackie Kennedy . . . Marie Maloney
Amelia Earheart . . . Caroline Nash

with special guests

Harriet Tubman . . . Shantira Jackson
Frida Kahlo . . . Molly Todd

and producer

Teddy Roosevelt . . . Keenan Camp

Directed by . . . Stacey Smith
Written by . . . Courtney Crary, Marie Maloney,
and Caroline Nash

Stage 773
1225 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL  60657


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