Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chicago Women's Funny Festival - 6/5/2014

The Arts, Theater in particular, is a wonderful world. All accepting. All giving. I have the honor of meeting a lot of people in the Arts, and more specific, Theater. This has become a large part of my blogging. A new part of my life.

This particular weekend, starting Thursday and ending Sunday, was The Chicago Women's Funny Festival, starring many women that I know in improv. Thursday I saw Snooty Pageant, followed by a new act I had never seen Two Ma'am Jam, and ending with The Andes!!!! I will be back Sunday for another, so look for that blog too.

Here are the photos of the evening, starting with . . .



Even the best improvs have a hard time holding it together . . . that is what it is all about . . .

And another Smack . . .

Ha, a little foiled on this one. Looked like the coat fought back . . .

I have always like the alligator wrestling . . .

There are many pageant contests in this improv. One being chugging . . .

Some photos inside Stage 773, between shows.

Two Ma'am Jam

The Andes

Thank you improvs for inviting me to your events. I do not know you personally, however, I know you and enjoy watching you perform. Keep up the great work!!!

Stage 773
1225 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL  60657


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