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Chicago Art Girls Spring Pop-Up Shop - 2015

The purpose of my trip was to re-visit the Chicago Art Girls Spring Pop-Up show, held the weekend before Mother's Day. This will be my 3rd year attending, though this year in a new location. I must say, I enjoyed the new location because it was off the beaten track away from traffic, and plenty of parking.

The vendors change slightly from year-to-year, to give different offerings. This year I found several I really enjoyed. This first photo of Kristen Neveu's art. She uses salvaged materials. These plates were awesome!

As a photographer, I really enjoy what others do with photography in a unique or artistic way. Jen Jansen has done just that. Her tintype prints bring a history of photography to the present. The quality you use to get, in an old technology that produced better quality than today's technology. Yes, the quality of photography using today's technology has stepped backwards. Realize, it is just not the technology. It is also the mind of the individual who uses it. This is where I believe Jen has excelled. I love her work. I would like to try one just to understand, to say I have touched how this art comes about. To grow for myself.

I had commented to her, that I need to get Lou Shields into her studio. I think this would be a perfect fit of two artists. Anyone want to donate to the cause?

Sharon Sears stained glass . . .

I enjoyed Mary Obodzinski's art last year. This year she changed her art. In other words, she is continually learning and growing. Just what you want in an artist. The photo below does not do her work justice. (Neither does any of the other photos of other artists work.) Please check out her website for this very cool work.

StelaLily Studio had a very nice arrangement of photo coasters. I had to buy some.

Katherine Anne had some very tasty confection that I bought some of . . .

I saw "Anastasia Mak Art" last year for the first time. I thought if bold, unique, pop art of Chicago. Art that would look good anywhere. This year I bought a small piece, because I felt heart broken for not buying one last year. It is that cool.

On the way home Christi (my wife) and I stopped by Hollywood Grill, corner of North Avenue and Ashland. We had never been there before, and thought it was a great place to visit and eat at. When available, you can park under roof for free! Check it out . . .

Just a couple more photos we took after we left Hollywood Grill.

Okay, enough of the above. Back to art.

I write this paragraph not because of this show in particular. I write this because of many shows and galleries I have gone to, and for many artists I know. Art is an everyday thing. However, art if not every day. Meaning, art will connect with you. When it does, it becomes special. This is why we exchange money for art . . . we value it. If we did not go through the process of connecting, then how well do we really value it or even want it? The artists in this show are all talented. They deserve to be seen. Their work deserves to be "sold" at "good value", as does any artists work. Do not look for Art Deals at any show. For that is not what it is about. This is not antiquing, or going to a thrift store. This is defining quality in your terms, and setting the value you are willing to pay for the connection you are making. Yes, some may seem expensive. Some as equally inexpensive. Make the connection, then you define. Once you understand that process, then perhaps you can make an offer.

I enjoy the art I bought at this show. I did not do it for a Mother's Day gift per se. I did it because I made a connection. I do wish I had a bigger house to display it all. I have not learned how to rotate my art in the house yet!

Chicago Art Girls Spring Pop Up
Alexander Graham Bell Elementary School
3730 N. Oakley Ave.
Chicago, IL  60618

(This years event page that has past.)

You can go to the above Facebook page for a list and link to the participants in this years Chicago Art Girls. In fact i encourage it, because you need to "calibrate" yourself to good art, so you make the connection when you go.

Here is a link to the 2014 show, and to the 2013 show, if you are interested.

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