Saturday, May 9, 2015

MoonRunners Music Festival 3 - Day 2

For most of my intro to MoonRunners Music Festival 3, you can check out Day 1 by clicking here. I apologize to the musicians at the end of this day that I did not get to see and photograph. I owe you one.

Friday's event was cool. Saturday cranked it up a notch. What I was not expecting was the free buffet all day. When I am out photographing, and listening to music, I do not get that hungry. I still partook; brats, hot dogs, pulled pork, mac & cheese, and wings, and I kept the ice tea coming.

Like yesterday, the photos are mostly "as shot" with little editing, and in the sequence that I shot them in. Roaming around from the North to the South venues, and taking a detour once and a while outside. Some musician photos are early photos during sound check, then you will see the same musicians later in the blog. I mention this because it may seem a bit chaotic with the sequence of photos.

For the list of musicians for this day scroll down to the bottom of this blog post. Also, if you click on the photo it will enlarge on our screen (most computers). You can then use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to scroll through them.

This blog post, and Friday's, is picture intensive. I would not try pulling this up on your phone.

Day 2

I am going to spotlight Hunter Grigg. A young gentlemen making his way in music, as musicians do. I believe this was his first time in Chicago, haling from Ashville, North Caroline. He's making his way into music in a great way. His Chicago debut impressed me a lot . . . he is going places . . .

I really liked Lucky Tubb & the Modern Day Troubadours (below). Might even travel to Austin to see them some time.

2105 South State Street
Chicago, IL  60616

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