Saturday, May 2, 2015

Rockzilla with Brothers & Wine

Wow. This show was pretty cool. My first time seeing RockZilla. My second time for Brothers & Wine, who are the new kid in town.

My bride knows everyone in NW Indiana, so it seems. She is a big music fan like me, and a photographer, not like me (better than me).  She has been following Rockzilla for some time, and knows all of the musicians. Me, I have been following our recent Brothers&Wine, who are quickly cranking it up to be a headliner band by the end of the year, in my opinion.

Each person is unique. You get these unique individuals (musicians) in a band, and that band becomes unique. It was a good mix between these two bands tonight. Each had their voice, their uniqueness, their Rock on.

Your opening band for the evening . . .


Tommy Mayer - Lead Vocals

Scott Barriero - Guitar / Vocals

Mick Zajac - Lead Guitar

Billy Mayer - Drums

Pete Moran - Bass

Enjoy the photos!


Tony Troncozo - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Mike Sheffield - Guitar, Vocals

Michael Troncozo - Drummer

Shawn Farrell - Base, Vocals

I have to say, I like the drummer in this group. He had this music down. It looked effortless, and felt great to the ears!

It was a teat when Rockzilla invited Tommy of Brothers&Wine up to sing. Rock ass kicking if I do say so . . .



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