Saturday, August 8, 2015

Beatles Fest 2015

Good times at downtown Hammond, Beatles Fest 2015. The weather report was for possible rain. It never rained. It was overcast, with a breeze, making it for a real enjoyable event.

This was the 10th annual Beatles Fest here in Hammond. My 4th attending. Listening to song from the Beatles never gets old with all the bands who play here. Many are our local bands, who by the way are great. And we bring in a tribute band, like Beatolution, to give you the look, feel, sound of what the real Beatles were like.

The lineup:

Yoko Banjo


Rooftop Beatles



The first photo below if of Gary Price's Beatles art, which he has made into T-shirts and cups that you can buy. I have had my shirt for a while now, and Christi bought one for herself. These are very different than other Beatles shirts you will find. The creativity of Gary is amazing, which makes these shirts crave for attention that much more.

Rooftop Beatles

Our own Sophia Rapata was back face painting this year. I remember the first year I went, she painted mine . . .

This is a family event. Fun for all. The photo below was taken in front of the kids stage, where they had chalk for kids to do sidewalk art.

Paul Henry's Art Gallery Jam Band

There were VIP tents up for those who payed extra to help support this event.

Lots of prizes for the kids too. In these photos there was a drawing contest going on.


I really enjoyed Rocketboat's rendition of the Beatles music. Was pretty cool . . .

This years photographers . . . photo taken by Gary Collins.

Lauren and son Martin waiting for Dad (Josh) to play next . . .

Josh McCormack

Josh gave us a very cool vocal performance, with a band that connected to a different vision of the music. Pretty cool stuff.

Another photo of Gary Price's art . . .

My bride Christi sporting her new Gary Price Beatles shirt and a Sophia Rapata peace sign face paint.

Rising Dawn

Nomad Planets

I met Nomad Planets for the first time at Beatles Fest 2012. A fun bunch of guys, and now friends.

Hello down there . . . hello up there . . .

Yoko Banjo

A Bluegrass Beatles Band


Featuring members of The Crawpuppies and Chris & Lou Band

Links to the other photographer's photos will be coming: Angela Leimir, Debra Gutierrez, Christi Bushby

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A special thanks to John Vezmar and the Blue Room Cafe who created this event, and all of the sponsors that supported this event. Please, Play it again Sam . . .

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Mary LeVan said...

you've got it covered - wonderful reading about 2015 Beatles Fest and seeing your photos makes it live again - attended and enjoyed it and appreciated your blog - thanks so very much, Dear Wesley - good job - as always