Friday, August 14, 2015

Just Some Fun

Some photos for you to enjoy. The first set were taken at Centennial Park in Munster, the evening before my son's birthday.

Went to Chicago to pick up my son for his birthday. We walked to The Art Institute of Chicago to look around.

The Art Institute of Chicago

Not sure if I was to put my copyright on the photo of these well known pieces of art. Did not think of that until just now. I will have to investigate and make any corrections. I also think I want to re-size the photographs to fit the painting too.

I have a new attachment to Vincent van Gogh's work because of Doctor Who. I want to see more of his work in person.

The day ended with Alien Entertainment, which was the birthday present. Big Finish Productions from the UK, who create audios for Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes, Blake's 7, Avengers, and more, were the special guests. In attendance were Jason Haigh-Ellery (executive producer), Nicholas Briggs (producer and voice of the Daleks on many Doctor Who shows), and Jez Fielder (voice actor on some of the Big Finish Doctor Who audios).

This was part of my son's (Nick) birthday present, to go see Big Finish, buy some Doctor Who audios, and get some autographs. It was a very enjoyable time!

These next two photos are for my bride Christi who "relived" her life seeing these again.

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