Sunday, August 9, 2015

5th Annual Slow & Low

I see no stink'n rain!

Again, a very nice Slow & Low Chicago Community Lowrider Festival this year. I arrived early to photograph some of the individual cars. Easier because of fewer people. I noticed this year not all the cars were loaded in as early as they were last year. The weather was threatening rain. It never did rain the time I was there. Overcast skies and great temperature!

One thing I need to do next year is to bring someone to model for me. Just photographing these cars is not enough. It does not do them justice. I think a model would give me more experience in photography, and help showcase these great machines. I need to take more time to photograph the crowd too. My photos below are "too mechanical", missing the human element, the character and voice of the festival.

There is a lot of creativity in these cars. Yes, they follow basic concepts. However, each are unique in how they execute. Do you use air, hydraulics, combo? Do you keep it close to stock, add garnish, or trim it all out? Whatever your style, it is yours, your clubs, and becomes ours thanks to you. So I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and showmanship at this festival!!!

So, thank you once again Slow & Low for putting on this event. I will return next year, stay longer, take better pictures to help preserve this festival of art which is put on display for all to see.

A very impressive line of cars here . . . one has to really appreciate the car clubs. They band together to help each other, raising the quality bar if you will. Each unique. Each with their own voice.

Yes, it takes a lot of hours and money to trick out a car, not only for show, but to actually drive it. Then, there are times when you just have to enjoy "as is". I would take any of the elbow grease show cars in a heart beat. I would also take the truck in the next couple photos.

As a kid, and I think anyone my age would agree, the station wagon was the main family car in the day. Great for travel. I was glad to see one at the festival!

I also enjoy the location of this festival. Away from traffic. Well, kinda sort of. No traffic through the streets of the festival, however traffic from the Chicago highways. Gotta love it. It is part of the character of Chicago, and now of this festival.

My photos are pretty much as I photographed. Very little if any editing. I love the art on this next car. I think I will do a black and white of it and post here later.

I loved the candy apple red color on this next car.

After my short time (and I have to say I am embarrassed to write short time) at the festival, I shot a a couple photos of the area, and took advantage of being in Chicago and went to Garrett's.

5th Annual: Slow & Low: Community 
Lowrider Festival
600 W. Cermak Rd.
Chicago, IL 60616
(Pilsen Neighborhood, just West of China Town)

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