Monday, September 3, 2012

Zumba Anyone? - The Dance Connection, Hammond IN

My friend Mary took me up on my intro to the blog, and mentioned a place in Hammond I might be interested photographing and letting people in NW Indiana know about.  

The Dance Connection at 6635 Kennedy Ave.

I could have called ahead, however I enjoy the spontanaety of going out to photograph, so I went unannounced.  If am ever turned away, that is okay.  That was not the case here.  I met Jan Plesniak, the Zumba instructor for this class, and she welcomed me with her great enthusiasm and smile.

Being a holiday morning (this started at 9:00 AM) I was not anticipating a full class.  Boy, was I fooled.  About 12 ladies arrived, no men except for me, and they were all fired up for a 1 hour session.

One thing that stood out was everyone looked comfortable, like they were doing their own thing, yet everyone was in sync during the entire hour.  It is difficult to imagine.  Yet that is what I saw.

The people there were very nice.  I joined in for a little bit, and became exhausted.  How these ladies do it I will have to find out.  I need more Zumba!!!!!  Check The Dance Connection out when you get a chance.  I believe you will enjoy it.

The Dance Connection
6635 Kennedy Ave.
Hammond, IN 46323

Zumba Classes:
Monday/Wednesday 7:15 PM
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday 9:00 AM

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Anonymous said...

I can only hope that I have Mary's interest, drive and energy levels as I get older. What an great inspiration she is!!

Wesley Bushby said...

I agree. And it was not just her. Watching Mary and everyone else put me to shame. Yet I still have not done anything about it. I really need to get into that class, or do something.

Mary said...

you did a great job, Dear Wesley - thanks for your work - class at 7:15 tonight -

kat said...

What a nice pictorial, Wes! So nice to see Mommy Mary in action; she's quite a gal! Zoom, zoom, zoom, Zumba! Go Mary Go!