Wednesday, July 3, 2024

ORDrocks 7/3/2024

There are many opportunities to why things happen. Random chances, leading to a random then positive / direct connections. And that is how Nancy and I met about 12 years ago. Nancy was a lead singer then (with a different band), as tonight with ORD Rock (that’s O-R-D, not “ORD”).

As we go through life we find opportunities. A chance for new experiences. I love photography, art, theater, music, nature. So, I am automatically drawn to those opportunities. While in a supplier training session I talked with my instructor, Tom. During a break we talked and found out we had something in common. Music. He asked me if I wanted to photograph the band he was in, Nancy’s band, and I said yes. That randomness and opportunity is how I met Nancy.

I enjoy Nancy and her presence, personality, her openness with me (on the top layer, not the super personal). At least for me we connect, and we both become happier because we have this friendship. This is why I enjoy traveling to see her perform, to listen to her sing, and to watch her energy. Distance does not seem to matter, and probably makes it more pleasing for me when we meet and re-connect, for whatever brief time it is.

Life is a story being written. Nancy is part of my story, and is important to my story because of friendship, that simple emotional connection. Our emotions guide us to other stories our life writes. Somewhat like a magnet, yet still so random and yet opportunistic. Random chance.

Here are some photographs of ORD Rocks. Yes, you will see many photos of Nancy. Enjoy, and thank you, Nancy!



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